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What Will Humans Do When the Cars Drive Themselves

driverless cars of the future

Since the invention of the car in the late 1700’s, humans have been the controlling force behind the wheel. Technology has now made it possible for cars to drive themselves! So, if you’re driving in states like Washington, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California, don’t be surprised to see a car with a human behind the wheel doing some other activity while the car is being perfectly controlled!

Automated prototype cars, animated by computer code, are being tested on the roads and experts agree that this technology is about 85 to 90 percent ready to be implemented. Currently, there are more testing scenarios being completed to test how sensors would react in situations such as avoiding hitting a child or animal or skidding off the road. According to the Washington Post, driverless cars will change our lives in many ways!

When this technology is perfected, people will be buying these self-driving cars and taking advantage of this technology in many ways. People will be wondering what they can do as they journey from one destination to the next in their driverless cars and distracted driving will be a problem of the past.


If you are like most people, driving long distances can make you sleepy. Some people get sleepy driving short distances if they haven’t gotten enough sleep or just can’t resist the smooth, relaxing motion of the car. Drowsy driving causes over 100,000 accidents per year. Driverless cars will solve this problem! People will be able to take naps during their commutes to work or driving on a family vacation. No longer will people have to choose between drivers while the other takes a nap.

Read a Book

If you are not one to get sleepy behind the wheel, you may choose to use this time to start or finish your favorite book.


people working in a driverless car

People in the workforce can use this time to finish reports, check emails or prepare other important paperwork during their commute to the office. They will be more prepared when they walk through the door instead of rushing in to get to a place where they can start or complete these tasks.


If you’ve paid attention to other drivers on any busy workday morning, you will see many women applying makeup or perfecting hairstyles while behind the wheel of a car. This is one of the many forms of distracted driving that can also cause accidents. With driverless cars, women can now complete their look without the risk of accidents.

Talk or Text

Talking or texting while driving is against the law and is one of the most common forms of distracted driving. Talking or texting is responsible for 6 out of 10 accidents among teenagers, although is more common among young people age 20-24. Many parents would opt for a driverless car when buying a car for their children due to the high rate of distracted driving. Everyone would be able to text or freely enjoy social media during their drives.

Enjoy a Movie

watching a movie in a driverless car

If you’ve ever been the driver behind the wheel and passengers were enjoying a great movie, you know the feeling of being left out! Now, drivers with or without passengers, can pop in a movie and enjoy it during their journey. Grab a soda and popcorn and enjoy!

Eat or Drink

Chances are slim that you have never had to eat or drink anything while driving from one destination to the next. People have busy lives and if you are part of the workforce, you know that sometimes you may have to eat your lunch in the car while running a must needed errand.

If you’ve ever had to choose lunch during your commute, most likely you chose finger foods you can easily grab instead of the creamy bowl of pasta. With driverless cars, you can choose any meal you wish to have, even those that require using forks and spoons. Coffee drinkers can carefully sip their coffee instead of rushing to take a sip and risking spilling hot coffee all over themselves. Alcohol drinkers will no longer have to have designated drivers or taxis drive them home.


There are many more tasks that people will find themselves engaging in when driving a driverless car. While the thought of having a driverless car is exciting, companies are still testing out this new technology to ensure maximum safety of all drivers on the road.

Skeptics are debating that humans will still be better behind the wheel as they will be able to see, think and react better than animated cars in situations they may not be programmed to see. One thing is certain is that this technology will bring many benefits that will may the driving experience safer, exciting and enjoyable!

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