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5 Reasons We Should All Support the Hyperloop Project

why we should support the hyperloop project

The conventional modes of transport, which comprise of road, rail, air, and water, tend to be either quite slow (such as water and road), expensive (such as air), or a combination of slow and expensive (such as rail).

Hyperloop promises to change this trend by delivering both fast and cheap transportation for people and goods using magnetic levitated pod vehicles that move through vacuum tubes with speeds over 500 miles per hour.

Invented by Elon Musk, CEO of the aerospace company SpaceX and Tesla founder, Hyperloop is a high-tech tube transporter which can potentially get you from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about 30 minutes.

If that doesn’t sound impressive to you, let’s look at five reasons why this project deserves our support:

1. Hyperloop Will Be Safer

When compared to the conventional modes of transport, especially rail and road transport, Hyperloop is safer. This is because it’s not built at-grade. It’s either built on columns or underground, and this lowers the risk of collisions with other transportation.

Moreover, Hyperloop is autonomous and not affected by weather. To put things into perspective, if you eliminate at-grade crossings, weather elements, and pilot error, you eliminate about 90 percent of rail accidents.

The Hyperloop design also takes into account the areas prone to earthquakes, such as California. The tubes will be mounted on a series of pylons placed about every 100 feet along the Hyperloop’s route. These pylons will allow for slip as a result of earthquakes and thermal expansion. This will prevent the tubes from getting broken by any such movements.

2. Hyperloop is Cheaper for Travelers

A plane ticket from Los Angeles to Las Vegas costs between $70 and $150 and takes a little over an hour. The bullet train would cost more and take longer than an ordinary plane. So, the Hyperloop bags the trophy for the cheapest and fastest option.

A ride on the Hyperloop between San Francisco and Las Vegas will cost you about $125 and last about 50 minutes less than the plane ride. To make it easier to understand, simply consider the distance. You will spend $60 to travel 766 miles with the Hyperloop. With the bullet train, you will fork out $89 for only 460 miles.

3. The Hyperloop is Much Faster

A bullet train can travel at a speed of up to 150 miles per hour, lasting about 80 minutes when shuttling between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Traveling the same distance by road will take you at least 4 hours, depending on traffic, whereas the drive between LA and San Francisco is 6-8 hours.

The Hyperloop, which can reach speeds of 500 miles per hour, will take you from Las Vegas to San Francisco, or vice versa in only 30 minutes. That is quite impressive, right?

4. The Hyperloop is More Flexible

Besides speed Hyperloop is also more flexible compared to the conventional modes of transport. Namely, Hyperloop systems are designed to be on-demand, where passenger pods depart every few minutes. They can leave at even shorter time intervals.

This is unlike high-speed rail departures, for instance, which is normally once or twice an hour. Hyperloop delivers packetized travel. You will enjoy the convenience of leaving or arriving when you want. You won’t even have to idle around the station waiting for your departure time.

5. The Hyperloop Could be More Economical to Build

According to Elon Musk’s initial projections the most advanced Hyperloop project would cost $7.5 billion. A California-based company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), on the other hand, though it could cost much less. Nonetheless, HTT said it could accomplish the project for about $16 billion, Ars Technica reported.

Comparing that with the California bullet train project cost of about $12.7 billion, according to Quartz, HTT’s projections are much higher. However, if you consider the other advantages of a Hyperloop, that price difference is somewhat insignificant.

Moreover, $12.7 billion sounds expensive for a train that is not nearly as fast as the world’s leading bullet trains.


why we should support the hyperloop project

Hyperloop is a technology that features magnetically levitated pod-like vehicles moving through vacuum tubes. These vehicles would transport passengers and goods at speeds of over 500 miles per hour. This technology is founded on the concept of magnetic levitation, as well as the principle that high speeds can be achieved at either zero or extremely low pressures.

Hyperloop aims to get rid of challenges associated with the conventional modes of transport. It promises to significantly transform the transport industry in terms of safety, efficiency, and cost. That gives you every reason to support it.

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